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The Art of Refinance and The Rise of Non-Traditional Business Lenders

Public Companies Reduce Balance Sheet Liabilities, While Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Still Struggle With Debt & Securing Loans

5 Small Business Lending Myths - Debunked!

Most business people come to the loan application or inquiry process with some preconceived ideas of what to expect. Usually, they center around two prevailing thoughts: A big bank loan is my only option. I need to borrow an enormous amount of money. And they simply just aren’t true. The Internet is full of information. Unfortunately, it’s also full of plenty of misinformation. Your parents or grandparents might dispel sound business advice, but it might not represent the new developments in business borrowing. We’ve taken the initiative to discuss and dispel the most commonly heard myths to give you accurate information.

The Future of Finance: Direct Lenders for Small Businesses

The world of alternative lending has boomed within the past few years, especially in the realm of small businesses.

Chop Down Your Small Business Debt with Micropayments

All businesses have both a peak and off-peak season – meaning a time of the year when demand is highest or lowest, respectively.

Is Loan Consolidation a Good Idea?

As a small business owner, you might have wondered, “If I already have a loan can I get another?”

In short: Yes.

But that doesn’t mean that you should.

The 3 Things that Actually Happen When You Can't Pay Back a Loan

For those looking to acquire outside funds for their small business, you may be wondering what actually happens if you default on your loan.

Pharmacy Loan Program Supports Local Business Culture

In almost every town and city in America, chain-store pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade are dominating the shopping-center landscape. Pharmacies have taken on the convenience store model, a vast change from years ago when pharmacies were largely individually owned and operated. For those smaller pharmacies, this large-scale corporate takeover has made it fairly difficult to compete in the marketplace.

New Harvard Case Study Shows Highlights Why PowerUp Lending Group Shines

A recent Harvard Business School study that peers into the world of marketplace lending has shed new light on trends in the lending industry. The study, conducted by Karen Mills and Brayden McCarthy, updates their original case study prepared in 2014 and examines the changes that have taken place in just two short years. There are several key takeaways from the study that are important to borrowers and lenders, but there is one fundamental aspect of the report that is important to all existing PowerUp Lending clients and our prospective partners down the road. 

Start 2017 Strong by Consolidating Your Small Business Debt

PowerUp Lending has been providing direct capital to small businesses in America for more than two years. While that might not sound like a long time, in the world of online lending we’re considered veterans. Perhaps it’s because our founders are rooted in the small cap lending world and have been a leading source of capital in the marketplace for nearly 15 years. More on this in a moment, as it’s an important part of our story and potentially YOUR story in 2017.

Four Elements of a Smart Business Debt Refinance Plan

Every business stands to benefit from a smart business debt refinance plan. It can help you grow your company or even just keep the doors open for another day. If you're struggling with loan payments, refinancing your debt can improve your long-term prospects. And what business doesn't want that?