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The Holidays Add Unusual Stress to Small Business Owners

The holidays are stressful enough for the average working American. The barrage of holiday advertising, Christmas music and rampant consumerism are enough to drive the most normal person stark raving mad. For small business owners, the holidays are even more stressful and all-consuming because so much rides on their shoulders.

Three Reasons To Start Your Business Loan Consolidation Plan Today

As another year draws to a close, there has never been a better time to start your debt consolidation plan. A business owner burdened by debt cannot muster more than the minimum payment each month.

Small Business Loan Resources for Captive Insurance Companies

Traditionally, businesses have handled risk by transferring it to an insurance company by purchasing an insurance policy or by retaining the risk themselves and allocating funds into an escrow account to meet expected losses. This arrangement is commonly known as “self-insurance.”

Business Loan Consolidation for Textile & Chemical Manufacturers

Textile and chemical manufacturers can benefit from a business loan consolidation. These industries are especially sensitive to changes in the economy, making it all too easy for them to accumulate significant amounts of debt. Taking this approach lets them regain their financial footing.

Business Loan Consolidation for Equipment Supply Companies

Equipment supply companies should consider a business loan consolidation. Perhaps their bottom line has taken a hit from their inventory purchases or maybe they're being buffeted by seasonal fluctuations or other factors beyond their control. Consolidating their debt can benefit them where it counts.

A Business Loan Refinance is Good for Any Business

Whether for a sole proprietorship or a major brand-name company, a business loan refinance is a good way to get relief from a  burden of debt. Getting those old loans off your books feels good, like taking a swim on a hot summer day.

Merchant Cash Advance Solutions for High Risk Businesses

Merchant cash advance solutions for high risk businesses are a great way for smaller companies that have less than stellar credit ratings to get the capital they need. Since merchant cash advances are primarily underwritten on the company's card remittance revenue, not the credit score or the financial profile of a borrower, the underwriting standards are less restrictive than traditional loans.

Merchant Cash Advance Tombstones Helps Borrower Due Diligence

 In today's lending world, past deals performed by a lender are called "tombstones." It has nothing to do with mortality but rather financial viability. Looking at "tombstones" closely can help would-be borrowers determine which lender they want to work with--and vice versa.

Improve Your Cash Flow with a Business Loan Consolidation

Cash flow is important for every business, and one way to improve your cash flow is with a business loan consolidation. This solution can provide your business the ample liquid resources you need to thrive.

Six Important Commercial Mortgage Refinance Considerations

You may have many reasons for wanting to refinance your current commercial mortgage. Maybe you want to avoid an upcoming balloon payment or lower your long-term interest rate and your monthly payments. But the credit crunch in the small- to medium-sized commercial real estate sector means the landscape has changed.