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The Art of Refinance and The Rise of Non-Traditional Business Lenders

Public Companies Reduce Balance Sheet Liabilities, While Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Still Struggle With Debt & Securing Loans

Chop Down Your Small Business Debt with Micropayments

All businesses have both a peak and off-peak season – meaning a time of the year when demand is highest or lowest, respectively.

Improve Your Cash Flow with a Business Loan Consolidation

Cash flow is important for every business, and one way to improve your cash flow is with a business loan consolidation. This solution can provide your business the ample liquid resources you need to thrive.

6 Benefits of Consolidating Debt

When business owners find it difficult to make their monthly payments to multiple creditors, they turn to debt consolidation as a viable solution. Although it may not be suitable for everyone, consolidating debt has several benefits that you should keep in mind when you're exploring different financial options for your business.

How to Improve Your Credit Score for a Business Refinance

Refinancing a business loan has many benefits, such as decreasing the amount you pay in interest. But like any other type of financing option, not only do you need to carefully assess the pros and cons of making this decision for your business, but you also have to meet the requirements in order to take that step.

How to Secure a Small-Business Loan After the Bank Says “No”

When you’re looking to obtain a small-business loan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is: “If a bank rejects my application, I don’t have any other options.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of other lenders who will provide you a loan so your business can grow.

Merchant Cash Advances Help Convenience Stores Keep Their Competitive Edge

With large business chains looming around every corner, local convenience stores may find it’s hard to stand out. Even with a stable number of regular customers, the only way to expand your small business is to attract new ones. And as the industry evolves, it’s hard to attract their attention if you don’t have enough funds to market yourself.

Advantages of Alternative Small Business Lending

Years ago if you were seeking a small business loan, going to a bank was often the only choice you had. Well, times have changed. These days business owners have more options, because an array of alternative lenders can provide them the same, if not better, financing services.

Businesses with Bad Credit Can Still Consolidate Debt

Whenever you’re trying to receive any kind of loan, your credit score is typically brought up at some point during the application process. Obtaining a business debt consolidation loan is no different. But it doesn’t mean that business owners with bad credit are automatically turned away.

Convenience Store Business Loans Boost Innovative Promotions

The constant across almost every convenience store are their increasing dependency on beverage sales, with sales up 6 percent over Labor Day Weekend alone. With the advent of the energy drink, and its ever-changing montage of trendiness coinciding with season and fitness fads, beverage-lovers flood convenience stores en masse, contributing to a growing bottom line.