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The Art of Refinance and The Rise of Non-Traditional Business Lenders

Public Companies Reduce Balance Sheet Liabilities, While Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Still Struggle With Debt & Securing Loans

Chop Down Your Small Business Debt with Micropayments

All businesses have both a peak and off-peak season – meaning a time of the year when demand is highest or lowest, respectively.

Improve Your Cash Flow with a Business Loan Consolidation

Cash flow is important for every business, and one way to improve your cash flow is with a business loan consolidation. This solution can provide your business the ample liquid resources you need to thrive.

Business Loan Consolidations Helps Gas Stations "Stay Green”

A business owner should consider consolidating their gas station debt to “stay green”.  This is not just proverbially speaking, of course.  Environmental concerns rank among the biggest challenges that gas stations face.  Overcoming environmental issues remains a major expense to gas stations and a major reason why they go into debt.

Why Business Loan Consolidation is Important for Transporters

Business loan consolidation is very important for transporters.  Whether it is to keep their fleet fresh and reliable, or to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, transport companies will want to consolidate their debt as much as possible.  They will want to do this as often as possible, and with as much debt as they possibly can.

Important Questions to Ask When Refinancing a Business Loan

One of the essentials for a healthy business is a supply chain management system unencumbered by debt. But building and maintaining a supply chain to run smoothly can be quite difficult, particularly if there are no best practices for managing costs and procurement. Sadly, businesses too often focus primarily on managing their key supplier relationships and often ignore important internal structural issues involving the debt that their supply chain management system will accrue.

Three Reasons to Refinance Debt  And Improve Petroleum Supply Chain Management

 For over a year, Singapore-based commodity trading house Noble Group has been plagued by scandals regarding its accounting practices and by losses tied to the decline in energy prices. Despite news announced in May that the company had obtained a $1 billion unsecured loan supported by more than 20 banks and a $2 billion revolving borrowing base facility, Noble Group faced a first quarter cut of $1.5 billion in credit lines, equal to more than 10 percent of its total access to liquidity. It saw its credit rating downgraded to junk by both Standard & Poor’s and Moodys.

6 Benefits of Consolidating Debt

When business owners find it difficult to make their monthly payments to multiple creditors, they turn to debt consolidation as a viable solution. Although it may not be suitable for everyone, consolidating debt has several benefits that you should keep in mind when you're exploring different financial options for your business.

How to Improve Your Credit Score for a Business Refinance

Refinancing a business loan has many benefits, such as decreasing the amount you pay in interest. But like any other type of financing option, not only do you need to carefully assess the pros and cons of making this decision for your business, but you also have to meet the requirements in order to take that step.

How to Secure a Small-Business Loan After the Bank Says “No”

When you’re looking to obtain a small-business loan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is: “If a bank rejects my application, I don’t have any other options.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of other lenders who will provide you a loan so your business can grow.